Regulated devices use circuitry to control the electric current that powers a vape device.

Adjustable power mods are advanced personal vaporizers or "APV" that allow you to boost or reduce the power of your vape.  This allows you to turn the voltage or wattage of the e-cigarette up or down to suit your personal tastes.  Increasing the power in vaporizer is a great way to improve your "hit" or make more vapor and get bigger clouds.  You can also fine-tune your vape to hit just how you want or match to the perfect specifications of power for any tank or atomizer you have attached.  Adjustable Power mods are often referred to as Variable voltage (VV) or Variable Wattage (VW.)

  • Dovpo E-Mech 30w device E-MECH Red


    Dovpo E-Mech 30w device

    MSRP: $49.95
    Description: The E-MECH is a Variable voltage and variable wattage device from Dovpo with a lot of function and up to 30W of power!  This features a compartment for two replaceable 18650 batteries, volt adjustment from 3.0-6.0V and Wattage...