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  • iVape

    Mystery Box - Surprise me!

    $5.00 - $50.00
    Are you a risk taker?  A gambling man (or woman?)  Do you live life on the edge of your seat?  Enjoy surprise parties and haunted houses?  Do you like the elements of not knowing what's next - but knowing that no matter what - you're...
  • Mo Faux - Regular - Black Mo Faux - Curly - Black

    Cranie Yums

    Mo Faux - E-cig novelty mustache

    Description: Vape Like a Sir!  The Mo Faux is a rubber novelty attachment for virtually any e-cigarette.  Attach it to your atomizer and give yourself a funny mustache when you vape. " I mustache you a question; what are you vaping good sir? "...
  • Cranie Yums

    Cup Vape Mod Holder - By Cranie Yums

    The Cup Vape is a functional mod holder and stand for your 22-23mm mods - designed to fit into your car's cup holder.  There are four spaces inside the Cup Vape, so you can carry multiple devices, or maybe some bottles of E-liquid, or even an extra...