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  • Mystery Box - Surprise me!


    Mystery Box - Surprise me!

    $5.00 - $50.00
    Are you a risk taker?  A gambling man (or woman?)  Do you live life on the edge of your seat?  Enjoy surprise parties and haunted houses?  Do you like the elements of not knowing what's next - but knowing that no matter what - you're...
  • Mo Faux - Regular - Black Mo Faux - Curly - Black

    Cranie Yums

    Mo Faux - E-cig novelty mustache

    Description: Vape Like a Sir!  The Mo Faux is a rubber novelty attachment for virtually any e-cigarette.  Attach it to your atomizer and give yourself a funny mustache when you vape. " I mustache you a question; what are you vaping good sir? "...
  • Dual 18650 Battery Case

    Other Brands

    Dual 18650 Battery Case

    This is a protective plastic case for carrying two 18650 size batteries.  Batteries should not be stored loosely in pockets, it's very important to securely transport batteries so that they may not accidentally discharge.  That's what this case...
  • Cup Vape Mod Holder - By Cranie Yums

    Cranie Yums

    Cup Vape Mod Holder - By Cranie Yums

    The Cup Vape is a functional mod holder and stand for your 22-23mm mods - designed to fit into your car's cup holder.  There are four spaces inside the Cup Vape, so you can carry multiple devices, or maybe some bottles of E-liquid, or even an extra...