Wire, wicking material, pre-built coils, and supplies for rebuildable atomizers.

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    Coil Master Coil Jig Coiler system

    Description: The coil master kit allows you to make RBA and RDA rebuildable coils with ease!  Simply feed in a bit of wire, choose your desired post size to set the inner coil diameter you like - and twist for perfect coils every time!  This...
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    Coil Jig - Traditional - Black

    The traditional Coil Jig is an atomizer builder's best friend.  It houses several different mm sized rods - you choose the size you want, insert it into the jig, and wrap your coil.  You can also remove the rod to place your coil, and you can...
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    In-line Volt meter (w/ohm reader)

    Description: The in-line volt meter reads current battery voltage by screwing into your e-cig battery.  It can also display ohm levels of attached atomizers (over 1.2ohms) and is a great tool for testing batteries and e-cig atomizers...
  • iVape

    iVape Ohm reader box

    Description: An almost necessary tool for rebuildable atomizers.  This device is powered by two AA batteries and is great for reading atomizer ohms as you build a coil. Features: check ohms before firing - great for making safe coils What's...