Mystery Box - Surprise me!

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Are you a risk taker?  A gambling man (or woman?)  Do you live life on the edge of your seat?  Enjoy surprise parties and haunted houses?  Do you like the elements of not knowing what's next - but knowing that no matter what - you're good!


Oh you are so, so, so, so good.


And we have something for you.


The Mystery Box item - its not much of a box at all - but it is a surprise!  If you add this to your cart - we will send you some random stock item (or items) we have, whether it be a device, some e-liquid, a mod, drip tip, hat, live honeybadger, anything really.  There are 4 options to choose from - the more you spend - the more we send!  There are a few things to know:

1.  We will send you an item (or items) with a retail value higher than the price of the mystery box you purchased.

2. You may not request an item in your mystery box - this is up to the soul discretion of iVape (or really, whoever packs your order and grabs the item from our "mystery bins")

3. You may not return any products from a mystery box for refund - and we will only exchange these items in case of a DOA.

4. If you don't like the item or items you receive, sorry, but all sales are final.  If you do like the item or items you receive - Great - we think this is a fun game.  

5. We may look at your previous order history to decide which items in our mystery packages may be most appropriate for you (its better this way - so you don't get some insane nicotine level, or some crazy coil kit and you don't have rebuilable atomizers that you would need them for.)  We will try our best, but it's possible you might get a few things you're not keen on... keep that in mind.

6. Sorry for the gloomy list of rules - but you'd be surprised with the amount of people that try to take advantage of the system when they aren't satisfied with how they chose to spend their own "hard earned dollars."  We want everyone to play fair.  We're being up front about this, we expect you to as well... after all - we definitely aren't going to force you to buy this thing.  That's on you.  If you are allergic to honeybadger attacks - might want to move along.  Otherwise - we hope you enjoy your mystery box! 

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21 Reviews

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    Mystery box

    Posted by Luke on Apr 9th 2018

    It was okay I gave the nod and the tank I got to my dad he likes them just not the type of person to use 1+ ohms juice was good though

  • 5
    great MB

    Posted by Howie on Feb 8th 2018

    I love the MB this month. I payed the 50$ i wish they had subscription service. Great job I will buy again

  • 4
    great buy

    Posted by Anonymous on Nov 11th 2017

    For what I payed I got ten times the amount . plus a smok zmax

  • 3
    excited to a let down

    Posted by Dee Belcher on Nov 3rd 2017

    I was so excited when I opened up my mystery box and saw that I had a evod and a new Vape flavor to try. Unfortunately the evod will not work. But on another note the new flavor for me to try I truly like so I will order that flavor the future.


    Please contact us if you receive a DOA item, we have a replacement policy even for Mystery boxes.

  • 3
    Was worth it if it had instructions

    Posted by Anonymous on Sep 6th 2017

    I do feel like what I was sent was worth the money but it was a starter kit that I haven't messed with. And it's been years since I had a starter kit. There was no directions and all the equipment needed to use this kit was not included

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    It was ok

    Posted by rick atwood on Aug 2nd 2017

    received a lavatube mod without the battery but i had extras, it also came with a tank and a bottle of pomagranate eliquid. the eliquud was great but the tank didnt work. so now i got a mod if one of mine breaks.

    note from iVape: Please remember mystery box items can be replaced if you receive an item DOA - just contact our help desk!

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    Not worth the gamble

    Posted by Anonymous on Jul 27th 2017

    I thought this would be worth a Gamble but was I wrong! I got a mechanical tube mod and some tank both were very very generic like created for the dollar store the mod took batteries that are rarely even found these days and the tank wasn't even really a tank I threw both of those away and luckily only $10 was wasted I figured they would give you some sort of up-to-date stuff maybe some juice or an RDA and RTA even a cheap tank some cotton coils or something but I've been vaping for over a year and these products was completely worthless

    Note from iVape: We're sorry you felt like the mechanical vape device and tank sent to you weren't worth $10.00 - I don't think the dollar store has vape devices made for them... But we can assure you most people would have found this to be a great deal... a device, and a tank, for 10 bucks. Since the review you left was anonymous - we have no way of knowing which items were sent in which order to you

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    its A mystery

    Posted by Anonymous on Sep 22nd 2016

    I bought a $10 box. Recieved a 14650 tube mod. Unfortunately I don't have a tank that small or any that it can power. So I got a paper weight....

  • 3
    I was unlucky

    Posted by Ryan Flagg on Aug 10th 2016

    I received a mech mod that uses 14650s and I have never even seen a battery like that so I have no use for it. If they sent a battery with it, I would use it for sure.

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