Mystery Box - Surprise me!

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Are you a risk taker?  A gambling man (or woman?)  Do you live life on the edge of your seat?  Enjoy surprise parties and haunted houses?  Do you like the elements of not knowing what's next - but knowing that no matter what - you're good!


Oh you are so, so, so, so good.


And we have something for you.


The Mystery Box item - its not much of a box at all - but it is a surprise!  If you add this to your cart - we will send you some random stock item (or items) we have, whether it be a device, some e-liquid, a mod, drip tip, hat, live honeybadger, anything really.  There are 4 options to choose from - the more you spend - the more we send!  There are a few things to know:

1.  We will send you an item (or items) with a retail value higher than the price of the mystery box you purchased.

2. You may not request an item in your mystery box - this is up to the soul discretion of iVape (or really, whoever packs your order and grabs the item from our "mystery bins")

3. You may not return any products from a mystery box for refund - and we will only exchange these items in case of a DOA.

4. If you don't like the item or items you receive, sorry, but all sales are final.  If you do like the item or items you receive - Great - we think this is a fun game.  

5. We may look at your previous order history to decide which items in our mystery packages may be most appropriate for you (its better this way - so you don't get some insane nicotine level, or some crazy coil kit and you don't have rebuilable atomizers that you would need them for.)  We will try our best, but it's possible you might get a few things you're not keen on... keep that in mind.

6. Sorry for the gloomy list of rules - but you'd be surprised with the amount of people that try to take advantage of the system when they aren't satisfied with how they chose to spend their own "hard earned dollars."  We want everyone to play fair.  We're being up front about this, we expect you to as well... after all - we definitely aren't going to force you to buy this thing.  That's on you.  If you are allergic to honeybadger attacks - might want to move along.  Otherwise - we hope you enjoy your mystery box! 

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21 Reviews

  • 1
    Crappy box

    Posted by Laura Drennan on Sep 28th 2019

    It was nothing but mech mods which I hate and a few weak watery ejuices. Never again.

  • 1
    $10 mystery

    Posted by Joshua Aimonetti on Sep 19th 2019

    Got the $10 mystery box and I have to say wasnt expecting much. Got a mismatched "stick mod" with a "easy head" and the weirdest tank I have ever seen. No vent holes and cant figure out how to put juice in it. I also got 2 little bottles of nicotine free juice. Super bummed with the box, but what do you expect when you spend $10.

  • 3
    Mystery box

    Posted by Daniel hynes on Sep 2nd 2019

    Only half the mods worked tried customer service wasnt even worth sending back there was rdas missing parts

  • 4
    Mystery Box $10

    Posted by Christine Willcox on Aug 26th 2019

    This was pretty cool. I ordered the $10 mystery box and I received a vape pen with a tank and a 30ml bottle of liquid. The liquid was amazing, I will definitely be purchasing again. The device I am slightly confused on. This didn't come with instructions on how to use or what type of battery to use with it. And it is a little "big" for me. But the fact that I was sent this much for $10 bucks was a pleasant surprise!! I will be doing this mystery box again! Worth it!!

  • 5
    $50 mystery box

    Posted by Robert on Apr 19th 2019

    Very happy with the contents they were in my package I'm looking forward to buying another one just don't want a repeat of the same product

  • 5
    Best Mystery Box

    Posted by Mikhail Ryshkov on Mar 30th 2019

    So for my $10 Mystery box i got a vivi nova v 2.5 and 7 changable metal tubes for the vivi nova its like replacment glass but steal tubes i got 1 of each color blue green silver gold black and purple or is it pink and i got a 30 ml bottle of berry cheesecake 3mg vape juice but im Dissapointed becuase i asked for 0MG juice so maybe next time i place a order please 0mg juice guys ! And the juice is 70pg 30 vg super runny but it smells like what it says but tasting it tastes like regular cheesecake no blueberry but hay ill give it to some one that does nic !
    response from iVape

    We do not carry a liquid that is 70/pg by 30/vg

    the thinnest liquid we have is our 50/50 original blend

  • 4

    Posted by Scott Moore on Mar 23rd 2019

    I was surprised when got a stick mod and juice for$10 , awesome

  • 5
    got my money worth

    Posted by DEMETRIA JONES on Mar 1st 2019

    great flavors really liked them

  • 5
    Good deal

    Posted by justin hackler on Nov 13th 2018

    Got the ten dollar box. Got some juice and a stylus vape pen. I use mods so no use for the pen but overall it was worth ten dollars for sure. And pretty cool that you don't know what your getting.

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