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eGo T3 Sol Fuego - Bottom Coil Changeable Cartomizer - black

Kanger t3 Changeable bottom coil

The all new "Sol Fuego" changeable bottom coil clear cartomizer. 
View your e-liquid level directly, easy fill - and a 2.4ml capacity.

Changable coil, you can simply unscrew the coil, and screw a new one on when you want to change it!

Easily fills, and does not suffer from "dry hits" like top coil cartos!  these things are AWESOME!

Get them before they are gone.

No Warranties.  No Returns.  No Refunds. No Replacements.

Customer Reviews 

Rating 5
Chris - Thursday, 19 September 2013

Wow.... you guys are unreal! Great prices on great products, and your processing and shipping was insanely fast. I live in los angeles and took 3 days
for me to receive it. This is high quality stuff. I only wish I bought more stuff from you guys. Highly recommended, I will def be back. Thanks for

Rating 5
deborah vaughn - Sunday, 03 March 2013

I just got these and I'm using them on a varitube with an adaptor and they're great the flavor is clean the vapor is as good as a vivi nova and the
throat hit is perfect overall great hopefully they last a while and I don't have any issues I have mint chocolate in one and nanermelon in the other
both are amazing juices and the flavors really shine in these definitely going to order these again

Rating 1
Jennifer McDermott - Thursday, 14 February 2013

Horrible product. I wish I had the good experience with these that the other folks have had. I've gone through three of five that I ordered. Vapor
production is great if you don't mind the overwhelming taste of plastic. Maybe there is an inside secret to their use that should be included on a
tiny instruction manual. I.E. if they need to be soaked in Vodka for 46 hours, wick removed, try burned, or whatever. They remind me of the old
portable water bottles that you had to use for a month before the pcv's fully leached out. Awful.

Rating 5
Reger Cerezo - Saturday, 29 December 2012

Love this clearomizer produces a lot of taste and flavor I'm using the t2 now and this t3 is a lot bigger than t2 I love this ohhh standard shipping
is so fast considering its christmas weekend thanks ivape I love your service vape on

Rating 5
John Hamilton - Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Awesome piece of kit...filled up one of these bad boys with "Sweet Caroline" and experienced Nirvana. Been through three days now and have
had zero leakage, zero dry hits and awesome flavor. The vapor off a three or four second toot looks like fog rolling in off of San Francisco Bay. If
dripping is a benchmark 100 for VTF, then these are a 90 on flavor, 100 on throat hit and 100 on vapor. No wicking issues at all with "Sweet
Caroline," and another fave juice (a 80pg/20vg mix) worked just as well. The vape is obviously cooler than dripping, but that's great for me
since for dripping I switched to long-barrel HH357s to avoid the hot vape. Good to the last drop! I'll be back!

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