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eGo T3 Sol Fuego - Bottom Coil Changeable Cartomizer - Clear

Kanger t3 Changeable bottom coil

The all new "Sol Fuego" changeable bottom coil clear cartomizer. 
View your e-liquid level directly, easy fill - and a 2.4ml capacity.

Changable coil, you can simply unscrew the coil, and screw a new one on when you want to change it!

Easily fills, and does not suffer from "dry hits" like top coil cartos!  these things are AWESOME!

Get them before they are gone.

No Warranties.  No Returns.  No Refunds. No Replacements.

Customer Reviews 

Rating 5
Townsend Skipper - Monday, 23 December 2013

Best Carto I have used in the year since I started vaping. Great product. great vapor and great taste and throat hit highly recomend this for all ego

Rating 4
Rodney Howard - Saturday, 10 August 2013

I use this one on my iVape spinner 1300mAh unit, (it comes with the t3). LOVE IT!!!! Works much better than the t2. Holds plenty of juice, easy bottom
fill, no burnt tastes (even at 4.3v), and with the wicks on the bottom, I get every drop of juice without waste. No leaking yet. Huge amount of vapor
from this thing. The best taste from this one comes at about 3.8v.It does get a small amount of gurgling occasionally but just take it off and use a
cotton swab to wipe the excess from the bottom and you're ready to go again. Liked it so well, I bought 3 more and several LR and SR replacement
coils. Great job iVape. Highly recommended!!

Rating 5
Tony Williams - Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Great capacity, Great vapor, easy draw..

Using this on a 510-ego adapter on my Varitube.. Seems to handle higher voltage very well. No
leaks, no gurgling, and no need to worry about tipping the atty back and spinning it every other hit to avoid dry hits.

Definitely worth
the price to try out!

Rating 4
Sokpi Mao - Friday, 30 November 2012

Great product, i love how the coil and wick are on the bottom, making it easier to maintain. Basically remove he Bottom and add The flavor upside
down. If you need to change the flavor, simply wash out the clearomizer then Add New flavor.
its full of flavor and no dry hits after you Let it

Rating 5
John Hamilton - Sunday, 25 November 2012

I've got three T3s that I've been using for a few weeks and luckily I've had none of the issues the other customer posted about regarding flooding and
leaking. Been using everything from 80/20 pg/vg RY4 to Sweet Caroline to Bobas Bounty in 'em and no issues at all. The only time I've had gurgling is
when I've allowed liquid to get into the center post during refills. Heck, I've even rewicked and recoiled one of these bad boys just to try
it...tight work, but it can be done! You're not gonna want to run citrus-y or cinnamon type juices in 'em (the tanks will cloud and crack), but other
than that, these are fog machines that rock and roll all night.

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