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- The Tesla - Chrome

Variable Wattage / Variable Voltage Durable and Functional
You Save:  $10.00!!!

The Tesla is a Variable wattage/voltage 18650 APV designed by iVape to be the most functional, efficient, durable, and budget friendly mod on the market.
This mammoth of a device can operate in either Adjustable voltage (3.0-6.0V) or Adjustable wattage (3.0-15W) at the push of a button.

Our goal was to incorporate the best of all e-cigarettes on the market, or at least what we could perceive as a positive - and stuff them into one design, at a better price.

The Tesla features an OLED display with a fully English readout, no error codes you have to cycle through a manual for... no single button menu system that can be difficult to grasp.  The Tesla is designed for ease of use, and access to function.

We made the body of the Tesla with lots of metal, as to avoid breaking or denting, it's durable.  To avoid it being too heavy, we used a high class Aluminum alloy, specially cut for the Tesla.
The Tesla features full body venting, that is cut before being finished to avoid rough edges, and the bottom cap is completely ventilated as well.  There are several safety protections inside this unit.

The Tesla's internal Chip set has a rated output limit of 3.0-3.1A for regular applications, and employs a Pulse width modulation function, tuned to VRMS settings - for a smooth and stable hit.  The Tesla also features reverse battery installation protection, short circuit protection, and over discharge protection to make sure your batteries and device function properly.  The Tesla is designed to function up to 6V and 15W output at full battery charge, and with proper compenents installed for those outputs, before calculation of internal resistance.

PWM chip tuned to RMS settings.
Adjustable voltage or power
Atomizer check function
Battery Voltage check function
Reverse battery installation protection
Fully Vented body and bottom cap
Thick Aluminum alloy light weight build
OLED screen
Ego Well connection
Slotted 510 connection with floating center pin
& much more! 

Online Instruction manual here

What's included: 1 Tesla Tube Advanced Vaporizer

We recommend: 18650 IMR 2000mAh batteries, and a charger (as well as atomizers and juice) to complete your setup.

Warranty:  30 day limited warranty for manufacturer's defect.  Does not cover physical damages.  Buyer is responsible for any return shipping charges.

To other companies and vendors: We are wholesaling these units.  Please contact us for more information and pricing.  A Valid IRS FEIN number must be given to identify yourselves as a legitimate business.


Customer Reviews 

Rating 5
Daniel Stedman - Monday, 26 August 2013

what up Ivape!! had my tesla swiped in Las Vegas.. so i needed just the base unit.. thanks.. you guys shipped it fast... it works great out the box..
some how looks better than the last one?? you won me over... next time I am shopping I'm hitting you up first..

Rating 5
Steven Alston - Tuesday, 02 July 2013

Very nicely built!!!
The only thing I could suggest is to have the screen fit flush to the body instead of being recessed so that you can see it
while you are vaping but other than that I love it.
I don't see the issue that some are having with the + - button locations. They seem to be in
the right place to me and unless you have sausage fingers there should be no issue with viewing the screen while navigating using them.
durable but light as a feather. My Kanger Pro Tank weighs more than this MOD.
Love it!!! Well done iVape!!!

Rating 5
Eric Cestero - Sunday, 17 February 2013

Looks weird but cool. Some girls at work have been laughing at the look (bad girls - I shutter to think what their mothers would say if they heard
them). Works very well. Screen is in an odd position.

I use it with an AC9 rebuidable genesis atomizer with an FC-2000 ceramic wick.
My setup is 1.9 ohms and I vape at 4.8 volts, insane power. Just the kind of power you need with a rebuildable (some power is lost due to the
transfer of heat to the ceramic or the stainless steel wick and requires higher settings). Most mods are too wimpy to supply this power (like the
over hyped Joyetech Evic). This mod provides the power I need and gives me a great vape.

This mod does use PWM at 33 hertz so on some
atomizer you get a rattlesnake like sound which can be annoying, but on BOGE and rebuildables I don't notice this. I do notice it on Vivi Novas
(which I don't care for anyway).

Thank you iVape for a great device, performance is up there with my provari but without that annoying
provari like menu. Making changes, checking ohms and battery remaining is much easier with this device.

The ribs do mean the mod will not
slide when your hands get warm which is a plus. If you have small hands, this device may look to be, but I have huge bear paws that make this device
look rugged and handsome.

Chrome finish is nice, you can see faint lines from the machining but I find it adds character.

started seriously vaping with products from iVape and unlike so many vendors out there, they have not let me down!!! THANKS!!!

Rating 5
Heather Zetty - Thursday, 31 January 2013

this is one of the best has all that one would want form a mot i whis i had both crrome and black chrome it dose what it said function and sweet
looking thanks will deal with soon on online dealing good customer suport also thanks

Rating 5
Shane Gould - Wednesday, 16 January 2013

My first big boy mod, the feel is great and not slippery due to the ridges, menu system easy to use, the weight is about what I expected when I
pre-ordered. Some people have complaints about the buttons being on top of the screen vs below and the screen being recessed in the mod, but honestly
after using it for a few days I don't have any trouble with the positioning of the buttons or the screen.

Now all we need is a clearo that
lights up when you fire the battery ;) In all seriousness this is a great product, here's to ivape and their future product endeavors.

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