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510 Atomizer (black)

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Quality atomizers at an affordable price!  Now that's something you can only get at www,!  These rugged 510 atomizers are built to work, and they work WELL.  Suitable for standard and High voltage application (please keep wet to avoid burnout.)  Fit any 510 connection for standard e-cigarette, or even the eGo and Riva electronic cigarette.  They also work great with our SwapTop and Aloha ValiuMOD!

What's included:

One (1) 510 Atomizer

Technical Information:

Manufacturer: SLB

OHM Rating: 2.8

Color: Black

Connection type: 510


By Purchasing this product, you are accepting full responsibility for it's use. You agree that in no way can iVape be held responsible for any misfortune caused by misuse of this item.  Do not operate when dry or empty.  Not responsible for broken items due to misuse.

Warranty and Replacement info:

14 day replacement on defective parts or DOA. No Refunds. Physical damage is not covered by the return policy.

Customer Reviews 

Rating 5
Jason - Tuesday, 23 April 2013

This is one of the best atomizers that i have ever purchased, lasted quite a while and flavors changed easily. i love these atomizers!

Rating 5
Fulton Preston - Saturday, 02 March 2013

I am using this atomizer on an eGo Twist dialed in at 4.0 volts and it is a solid hit with very large plumes of vapor. I lean towards higher ohms for
variable voltage batteries and this one exceeded my expectations.

I was not fond of the plastic drip tip on it so I used a custom one I
ordered from this website.

Note: this atomizer can and will run very hot if you use it at high voltages and do a lot of quick hits back to
back. A plastic tip will help keep you from getting burned. I used a metal drip tip to help absorb the heat from the unit and when the tip got hot I
backed off the unit for awhile.

This atomizer will be in my future orders though as it vaped very well for my needs. It even has the iVape
logo silk screened on it.

Rating 5
Mathew Flowers - Monday, 06 August 2012

This is a very good atomizer, please don't let the 3 stars from the last review fool you. Yes this atomizer will produce less vapor than a 1.8 ohm
atty but that is by design. A 1.8 ohm atty will get hotter quicker than a 2.8 ohm atty thus producing more vapor quicker but at the same time a 1.8
ohm will have a higher chance to burn out or "pop" at higher voltages. So, if your using 3.7 volt device and never up voltage and want more
vapor, go with a low res (LR) atty. If your increasing your voltage over 3.7 you might want to stay with a "normal" resistance atomizer like
this one.

Rating 3
Ryan Smith - Saturday, 02 July 2011

Not a bad atomizer, I seem to get a lot more vapor out of my 1.8 ohm atomizer though. Overall I would recommend the 1.8 over the 2.8, but the 2.8 is
still a decent atmoizer

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