Reward Points

UPDATE: We noticed as of 10-31-13 the rewards points system has not been rewarding points. We are currently looking into a solution to this issue.  At this time we will NOT be giving out rewards points. You can however still cash in your old points and use them. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Reward points for iVape!

 For every order of over $15.00 in product you place at iVape, you will now earn reward points on your account.

You receive 1 point for every dollar spent, and up to 10 bonus points randomly on each order.  You can also receive bonus points on every 5 orders you place.  This point system is our way of rewarding you a little more for shopping with us, as a way we can give back to you.

You are able to accumulate up to 1000 reward points at one time on your account.

Once you have more than 100 reward points, you can redeem them by clicking "Redeem Points" on the top menu of our website, where you can select the amount of points to redeem towards a one-time use gift code for product discounts during checkout.

As of right now each point is equal to: 5 cents in product value!
So keep racking up those points, and we'll keep finding new ways to save you more!  Thank you for choosing!

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Once you convert your points to a coupon code - DO NOT LOSE THIS CODE - as we can not recover it for you.  If you lose your code, you will have lost your points credit.

Points are rewarded at the time of shipping when an order is processed.

The point system is presented as a rewards system, and use, value, and frequency of rewards are awarded at the discretion of iVape and it's operators and may change at any time.  Rewards points may be altered, or removed with or without warning at our discretion and are not offered as a service or product, but only as a gesture of appreciation.  The points in your account remain the property of and are not redeemable for any cash value, or to accounts no longer in good standing.  Points may be revoked for accounts no longer active, or accounts locked for abuse or violation of iVape policies and terms.  Points will be revoked for any item returns or product cancellations or exchanges.