Using a Personal Vaporizer

Most personal vaporizers function in similar ways.  To use one, you inhale through the mouthpiece as if smoking a cigarette or drinking through a straw.  E-cigarette models vary and come in different sizes and shapes, but almost all operate in this simple fashion.
A standard e-cigarette comes in either a two piece or three piece design.  A two piece model consists of a battery, and a cartomizer which is simply a disposable atomizer with a sealed liquid cartridge attached.  The three piece models will come with a battery, atomizer, and liquid cartridge.  There are two types of switches, even for the same model of e-cigarette.  Automatic batteries on an e-cigarette will activate upon inhalation either by a pressure or microphone switch.  Manual batteries require the press of a button in order to activate.
The first step in using your e-cigarette would be to assemble it, by attaching the cartomizer or atomizer unit to the battery.  If you are using an atomizer (3 piece) device, you will then insert your nicotine cartridge into the atomizer.
To put things simply, first:  Charge the battery, screw on an atomizer/cartomizer (filled with PV liquid) and then begin to vape.
Once the charged cigarette is assembled, you only need to put your mouth on the cartridge/cartomizer end, and puff.  If you are using a manual battery, hold the button down and puff, releasing the button when you are finished.