Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do e-cigarettes help you quit smoking?
A: Electronic cigarettes are not nicotine reduction therapies or quit-smoking devices.  They are a simple smokeless alternative to nicotine inhalation.  For stop-smoking assistance, or help quitting cigarettes: please contact your doctor.

Q: What is the advantage of the e-cigarette?
A:  Electronic cigarettes contain over 4000 chemicals LESS than a regular cigarette.  They are also often able to be used in places where smoking bans are currently in place, as they produce no smoke.

Q: You say e-cigs are smokeless, but I see smoke, can you explain this?
A:  Electronic cigarettes use a heating coil to vaporize nicotine liquid into a vapor.  The vapor is designed to look and feel like smoke, without the actual properties or characteristics of smoke.  There is no combustion, or acrid smoke smell.

Q:  What is the difference between all of these models? 510, eGo, 901, etc.
A: In general, we call the e-cigarette by it's manufacturer model number.  These numbers and names correspond to the thread size of the atomizer connection piece on the e-cigarette.  We use them to define and identify the type of cigarettes, as well as compatible components.

Q:  What exactly is in E-liquid?
A:  E-liquids are mainly composed of Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin(VG), and Natural & Artificial Food grade flavorings, as well as liquid nicotine.  The components of PG, VG, and the flavorings are all considered GRaS (Generally Recognized as Safe) for use by the US FDA.  Nicotine is extremely dangerous and addictive.  E-liquid is not regulated by the FDA - please use at your own risk.  There is no scientifically peer-reviewed study to prove any danger, harm, or safety of these components when mixed together as E-liquid.

Q:  I heard E-cigarettes contain Antifreeze, is this true?
A:  No, not at all.  One of the ingredients of E-liquid: Propylene Glycol is a chemical generally considered safe.   It is used in hospital and school settings, pumped into the air.  PG is also used in fog machines, flavorings, shampoos, and various other household consumable products.  Propylene glycol is used in the creation of some types of NON-TOXIC antifreeze, along with water.  The PG = Antifreeze rumor stems from an E-cigarette smear campaign enacted by the FDA some years ago, it was a non-scientific report of little factually accurate information.

Q: Can anyone use an e-cigarette?
A:  Electronic Cigarettes are not available to minors, or anyone under the legal smoking age.  People allergic to Propylene Glycol should not use e-cigarettes.  Women pregnant, nursing, or expected to become pregnant should not use e-cigarettes.  Do not use e-cigarettes if you suffer from heart or lung disease, poor kidney function, or any other form of illness.  Before any e-cig use, please consult your doctor. 

Q: Does nicotine cause cancer?
A: There is no factual evidence to suggest nicotine can cause cancer.  People with cancer should not use nicotine products as it will slow the regeneration of healthy cells, and allow cancers already formed to spread more quickly.

Q: I am using my e-cigarette, but I keep getting a burned taste. Why?
A:  To ensure the proper taste and function of an e-cigarette please be sure to keep liquid in the atomizers.  This requires a full cartridge, tank, cartomizer, or adequate dripping.  If you are tasting a "burned" taste, you will need to add more e-liquid to your e-cigarette.

Q:  How do I clean my atomizer?
A:  Atomizers are self cleaning devices, and with proper use, and clean e-liquid they should function properly without need of cleaning.  Cleaning atomizers is the number 1 cause of atomizer product failure.  If your atomizer is clogged, or not functioning correctly: blow into the disconnected threaded end so the excess liquids come out of the mouth end.  Allow atomizer to drain, and clean the threaded end with a paper towel before reconnecting.  Refill with liquid before continuing use after cleaning.

Q:  Do e-cigarettes really save people money?
A:  Yes, by our calculations the average pack a day smoker will save over $1,600 a year by switching to e-cigarettes from regular cigarettes.  Learning to use your device correctly is the most important part of this, as proper maintenance of your product will extend it's life.

Q:  I bought my e-cig from another company, can I use your e-liquids to fill it?
A:  Yes, our e-liquids can be used in other e-cigarette products.

Q: How long will my e-cigarette last?
A:  This is entirely dependent upon you.  While some models and manufacturers are better than others, proper care and maintenance are required to keep your device running smoothly.  

Q:  Can I have a free sample?
A:  We have a very clear policy about this;  Ask and ye shall not receive.  Our products are noticeably less expensive than our competitor's prices, and are usually of higher quality.  We don't sell gimmicks, and won't charge you 80 dollars for a 20 dollar unit, promising a free $4.00 bottle of liquid.  
Occasionally we do send samples with orders, in fact we like to do it when we can, but asking for hand-outs is frowned upon here. If you ask or demand us to send you something for free, you definitely won't be getting it. 

Q:  How long does it take an order to ship?
A:  Orders are shipped in the order that they are received.  We guarantee to ship your package within 3 business days, after the date of the purchase.  We do not offer same day shipping.  Once shipped, USPS can take anywhere from 2-7 business days to deliver the package.  Please do not contact us about your order unless the shipment of your order is beyond these timeframes.

Q:  I saw something about low-resistance.  What is the difference between Low Resistance and standard devices?
A:  Low resistance atomizers use thinner atomizer coils to create more wattage, and generate more heat.  Low resistance components are nice for low voltage battery devices (2.8-3.7V) because they can simulate a higher voltage's 'hit.'  Low resistance components should not be used with high voltage devices as they will get too hot, and burn out or break very quickly.  Low resistance components should also never be used with low capacity (less than 600mAh) or mosfet batteries, as they can overdraw the cell and cause it to break indefinitely, lose it's ability to keep a charge, or over discharge and explode. 

Q: Can you vaporize other things in an electronic cigarette?
A:  The electronic cigarette is designed to work with E-liquid and can not be used to vaporize solid compounds.  It is not the same as a traditional vaporizer, and not designed for use with herbs, incense, or other products not made specifically for use in e-cigarettes.

Q: The tracking for my order isn't showing anything, has it been sent?
A:  We ship orders with USPS Delivery confirmation.  The tracking number may not update until the item is delivered and reaches your mailbox.  If you received a tracking number e-mail from us, your item was shipped on that day.