Why Shop iVape?

We'll tell you why!

iVAPE is your place on the web for all things e-cigarette!  We offer the best products at the most competitive prices available.  At iVape we also strive to provide a wealth of information for e-cigarette users, to ensure that they have the best possible "vaping" experience, at the lowest expense. The concept is simple; "I don't smoke, iVape."  It was this profound statement that led company founder to the path to iVape's creation.

The idea is that, as a "vapers," or electronic cigarette users,  we at iVape want to improve the experience where other's had failed.  iVape is geared towards the active every-day e-cig user, the people who decided to stick with the product as a manageable solution to enjoying nicotine, without that dangerous chemical smoke.


Our personal experiences were like many others; over-priced electronic cigarette quit smoking scam sites everywhere, overpriced refill cartridges, etc.  The e-cigarette market was saturated with junk vendors trying to make a big buck off of the consumer, as the consumer struggled to find the best way to make the product work.  Something had to be done, because as many agree - electronic cigarettes are great! - but they needed to be made 'Even Better.' Friends, that's what we've been doing ever since!  By offering the most affordable product on the market, coupled with the highest quality - we effectively combat all of those e-cig scam sites that plague this industry.

There is no such thing as a $200.00 e-cigarette - and e-cigarettes ARE AFFORDABLE.  


The average iVape consumer saves well over $1,600.00 a year! (You can get started with iVape today for less than 10 to 30 dollars on some models!  These are even compatible or the exact same product as some of those e-cigarettes you've seen in the mall kiosk selling for 150 to 300 dollars a kit!)  We don't sell subscriptions, so don't worry about those unauthorized surprise charges on your monthly statement - a practice some e-cigarette companies are known for.   Additionally, we don't sell overpriced junk!  That's not to say we don't have disposable or lower end models available, but they are priced modestly - and many carry a warranty that is covered out of our pockets here at iVape, without huge markups to cover the cost of defect.  

We continue to walk the path less trodden, happy to work a little harder - a little more often, all to save you money and frustration.  Why? Because we've never sold our soul to that almighty dollar, or to typical American corporate greed... and we plan to keep it that way!

We believe in our product, so much that we here at the company use it ourselves, and only offer the best available devices and liquids.  You see, If we wouldn't like something, then chances are that you wouldn't as well.  We keep this thought in mind, as we work towards our goal of making your experience more enjoyable, and affordable.

Here at iVAPE our mantra is, "Even Better" - and that's exactly what we work for.

Let everybody know "I don't smoke, I Vape!"