IGO W - RBA Dripper - RDA

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The iGo W is a rebuildable dripper (RDA) capable of dual coil builds.  It's a staple and well tested dripping atty.  Good for beginners first building dual coils, and low priced!


Battery: dual coil capable

Performance: rebuildable dripper

What's included?

1x iGo W atomizer




30 day limited replacement warranty for manufacturer's defect.  Does not cover physical damage.    All sales are final.  Buyer is responsible for any return shipping charges.


RBA Disclaimer:


rebuildable atomizers only work as well as you build them - and thus we will not issue returns for user error or any instances of "not liking it."  rebuildable atomizers are hand made by you, so make sure you have adequate information on how to build before attempting.  Building a shorted coil, or one too low for the battery it is used with may cause fire, thermal battery meltdown, or explosion.  iVape and it's operators are in no way responsible for any misfortune caused from using this product incorrectly or without proper knowledge of how to use it.  You agree to hold iVape harmless in any event when purchasing or using a rebuildable atomizer.

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