Chargers for your rechargeable vape batteries.  Don't get stuck out there with a dead e-cigarette!


    Golisi S4 4 Bay Charger

    Description: The S4 is a smart charger with a highly visible HD LCD display, its unique “%” readout accurately displays charging status. The S4 is compatible with not just 20700, 26650, 18650 Li-ion batteries (not include), but also most of...
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    USB Wall Adapter

    USB is implemented as a power connection and charging standard for some vaping devices, but you don’t always have a computer nearby! This device provides a regulated 5v, and made to work with any device that requires usb charging on our website...
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    eGo Fast charger

    Description: The eGo fast charger is designed specifically to charge your eGo batteries.  It is rated to charge 4.2V @ 500mA - Only for use with standard spec eGo products. Features:  LED MODE: light is green when fully charged or when no...