Everyone knows electronic cigarettes are battery powered! You can stock up on spare batteries and e-cig chargers here to keep your vaporizer producing the clouds you crave!

  • Lithicore

    Lithicore 18650 3000mAh - 20A (30A Max)

    Lithicore Tech is a new USA based battery manufacturer who produce top-quality battery cells.  They are known for super-accurate ratings and quality control.  With other manufacturers, we find the battery ratings to be grossly...
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    Ampking 20700 rechargeable battery - 40A 3000mAh

    Ampking AK3030 20700 Rechargeable Battery comes with 3000mAh battery capacity with 35A max discharging current. It can be used with most 20700 regulated and mechanical MODs. Long storage life, light weight and high energy density...