Everyone knows electronic cigarettes are battery powered! You can stock up on spare batteries and e-cig chargers here to keep your vaporizer producing the clouds you crave!

  • Kanger 1000 mAh evod Passthrough Battery -Red


    Kanger 1000 mAh evod Passthrough Battery -Red

    This Kanger EVOD Passthrough Battery has the charging circuitry built-in so no external charger is needed. Simply connect the battery to the included USB cord & then plug the other end in to a powered USB port to charge! The LED at the end of the...
  • 26650 3500mAh MNKE 20Amp


    26650 3500mAh MNKE 20Amp

    Tech Specs: Voltage: 3.7v (3.6 - 4.1 V operating voltage) Protection circuit:  No  Current Rating: 20A mAh: 3500 Manfuacturer:  MNKE What's included? 1x IMR 26650 batteries Warranty:  30 day limited replacement warranty...