Tank systems hold your Liquid E-juice to vaporize it, allowing you to produce plumes of vapor on your electronic cigarette.  Tank systems remove the need to constantly fill your electronic cigarette and supply your smoke juice to the atomizer where it can be steamed up for vaping.

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    Innokin iSub V - Sub Ohm Tank


    Innokin iSub V - Sub Ohm Tank

    Description: The iSub V tank from Innokin is an excellent entry-level sub ohm tank from a great manufacturer.  The iSub is made of Stainless steel and glass.  The iSub also boasts a large 3ml capacity, an all around awesome tank for an...
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    iClear 30B Tank

    MSRP: $19.95
    Description: The iClear 30B is a bottom coil version of Innokin's iClear 30 series - it's a large capacity tank with dual bottom coils.  Great for higher voltage applications, and a large 3ml capacity. Features:  3 ml Capacity Dual Bottom...